divaduckaducka (divaduckaducka) wrote in scarjayagate07,

met him!

We hit up david letterman. talked to the usual autograph seekin' ebayers. alot of them said he didn't sign at regis. one person said he did but they werent allowed to take pictures with or of. his bodyguard made everyone put their cameras away. i don't know haven't seen any pictures. but they all agree'd his bodyguard was an asshole. he came out the car with his mom & his sister, shamali. They walked right in. even ignored the paparazzi (wireimage and such). so, we figured we wouldnt have much luck. we contacted our friend whose a doorman at a popular NYC hotel and he said he was there. so we waited what seemed like forever. we gave up. we got a call that he was coming back. so we walked back over, 15 mins later BAM! he shows up. Shamali gets out the car first. she was very prissy. the other doorman said "let me get the door" and she said with an attitude "WHAT!?" so, boo on her. Sanjaya came out next. we asked him for a picture. there was two of us and really only i wanted it. he looked over at his bodyguard. he nodded and he took the pictures. he really didnt say anything but "thank you". all jokes aside he's a really cute kid.

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