who left the lights off baby (mentalrant) wrote in scarjayagate07,
who left the lights off baby

OK guyz check it out, new layout by tashieee! I think I did it right, but the header might be missing. Let me know! Also comment and say how much you love it.

Also, I was going to make other moderators, but I decided not to after looking through all the members and realizing I like all of you. And I have no clue what moderators would do anyways. Of course I'll appoint someone else if I ever get tired of this though.

ALSO, I saw the Killers last night and they blew my fucking mind, just thought I'd add. B. Flo and Sanjaya to hook up (on several different levels) soon Y/N??

OK enuff talk, now videos:


Our bb singing Sweet Chariot, magical!!

Also, there's a boy in a wheelchair in the chorus, do you think that just metioning this is offensive? Just wanna know where you guys are at.

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